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F: Grandpa, is it true that you and grandma built this hotel up with apples?

N: Well, Filippo… what you said it’s actually true. You must know that your great-grandfather Enrico grew fruit and especially some beautiful apples. Thanks to its trading skills, he managed to save up some money, and since I was an enterprising young man, I asked him for help to start a new business that was missing in our region: a small hotel with a bar and restaurant in it.

Therefore, your grandma Cesarina and I, we thought it was worth taking a chance. Since then, we have been working very hard but we must admit that we have so much satisfaction!

As time went by, we’ve started working more and more and so we decided to expand our business. In the meantime, your uncle and your mum started working here too, becoming two essential members of our solid team.

This is the story of our hotel, Filippo. So, tell me now: what do you think you’re going to do when you grow up?

F: You know grandpa, I think I will grow apples.