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The authentic dishes of Bolognese tradition

The Nanni Family has been always tied up to the “Bolognese” cuisine and proposes genuine dishes such as tagliatelle al ragù, tortellini in brodo, lasagne al forno, all strictly hand made.

On Saturday booking is required.


Traditional menu
The traditional dishes of Bologna:

  • “Crescentine” with Ham
  • Noodles with Ragout
  • Grilled meat mixed with rustic potatoes
  • semifreddo with mascarpone cheese
  • Coffee
  • 1/4 wine e 1/2 water

Price € 28,00

The price is intended per person

Ceremony menu

  • Aperitif in Garden
  • Tortellini in consommé broth
  • Encore of pasta dishes: Noodles with Ham – Rice with pumpkin
  • Escalope “Petroniana”
  • Veal with Porcini mushrooms
  • Fried mixed
  • Basket of the House Desserts
  • Coffee Open Bar
  • Wine of the Bolognese Hills

Price: € 55

The price is intended per person


Special menu “Fair Sdaz”

The restaurant offers:

  • Noodles with Ragout
    (homemade and pulled by hand by our cooks)
  • Skewer meat Brace
  • Rustic baked potatoes
  • Sorbet, Coffee
  • 1/2 l. of water
  • 1/4 wine

Price: € 18

The price is intended per person

Special menu for the “Walk of 5 moats”

The traditional dishes to celebrate the day along the ditches:

  • Macaroni with Speck and courgettes
  • “Crescentine” with Ham, in oil vegetables and soft cheeses
  • Coffe
  • 1/4 wine and water

Price: € 18

The price is intended per person